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Process Improvement

The netting tool is working very well and has proved to be a great process improvement for our company that processes numerous invoices and payments.

- Global Entertainment Company

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Facile à utiliser

L'outil de netting est facile à utiliser, et a pu être ciselé en fonction des besoins du Groupe Faiveley Transport. La mise en place de la plate-forme de netting s’est révélée simple, l’administration l’est tout autant.

- Faiveley

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In 2012, we implemented the new Coprocess netting tool. The preparation and support of Coprocess staff was excellent. We had a smooth transition and have been working with the new system for almost one year now.

- Nestlé

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- R -


Rates in the system are quoted as currency pairs. The Base or Transaction currency is quoted vs the Counter or Quote currency, obeying the market convention. Since the netting base currency can be any freely traded currency, Coprocess uses Direct and Indirect to show which way to quote the rate. Direct (D) in the system shows the amount of base currency per quote currency and Indirect (I) shows the amount of quote currency per base currency.

Receivable Driven Netting

The receiver decides which invoices will be requested for payment, depending on volume it is for the payer to pay or mark the transaction as not yet ready for payment. For higher volumes automated matching is used.

See also Payable Driven.


An accounting term that refers to the process of ensuring that two sets of records (usually the balances of two accounts) are in agreement. To have confidence in the numbers in the P&L and Balance Sheet reconciliations must be performed for all Balance Sheet accounts on a regular and ongoing basis. A robust reconciliation process improves the accuracy of the financial reporting function and allows the Finance Department to publish financial reports with confidence. See how Coprocess matching and reconciliation functionality can streamline the intercompany reconciliation process.

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Our Services

Intercompany Netting

Brings simplicity, savings & visibility to Intercompany. Up to 70% reduction in payments & FX volumes, centralises banking relationships, reducing float and complexity. Integrates with your current Treasury technology. Real time intercompany netting system using our optional API in a secure private cloud. Also known as multilateral netting, netting and multilateral settlement.

Intercompany Reconciliation

Gives visibility over intercompany transactions including AR & AP, interest, loans and treasury transactions. Eliminates mismatches & facilitates automatic reporting. Real time reconciliation system for invoice matching, negotiation and dispute handling. Always available, specifically designed system with API technology.

Vendor Payments

Payment On Behalf Of; with all the benefits of netting plus the liquidity and control of payment centralisation. Mix and match payment factory features for vendor & intercompany payments.

Delivering Benefits - Our clients save money and improve their efficiency every day using our automated intercompany netting system for total visibility and control over their settlements.