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Process Improvement

The netting tool is working very well and has proved to be a great process improvement for our company that processes numerous invoices and payments.

- Global Entertainment Company

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Facile à utiliser

L'outil de netting est facile à utiliser, et a pu être ciselé en fonction des besoins du Groupe Faiveley Transport. La mise en place de la plate-forme de netting s’est révélée simple, l’administration l’est tout autant.

- Faiveley

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In 2012, we implemented the new Coprocess netting tool. The preparation and support of Coprocess staff was excellent. We had a smooth transition and have been working with the new system for almost one year now.

- Nestlé

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- S -


Software as a Service. Software owned by the system provider on a subscription basis and in a shared environment. This allows a subscription approach to paying for the service without the upfront cost of software or hardware. This can be very cost effective. see also hosting.

Settle Only Matched

A compromise solution for companies that cannot get agreement for or do not need receivable driven netting, the clearning is payable driven (the payer is in control of which invoices will be paid) but the receiver also uploads all open invoies, only those that match are settled in this clearing.

Shared Service Centre

One or more centres that process invoices on behalf of one or several subsidiaries. These can sometimes be outsource or in-sourced.

Single Sign-On

Software and or hardware that allows a company to authenticate user access to the netting system based on their corporate profile. This is very useful, being a good security measure and avoiding additional passwords.

Sub-net Centres

The ability to settle within a defined group of participants before any payments are made to the Netting Centre. This can provide a cashless settlement process and minimise the number of cross border transactions in the same currency.


A legal entitiy or mena of defining the owner of various transactions in the netting.

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Our Services

Intercompany Netting

Brings simplicity, savings & visibility to Intercompany. Up to 70% reduction in payments & FX volumes, centralises banking relationships, reducing float and complexity. Integrates with your current Treasury technology. Real time intercompany netting system using our optional API in a secure private cloud. Also known as multilateral netting, netting and multilateral settlement.

Intercompany Reconciliation

Gives visibility over intercompany transactions including AR & AP, interest, loans and treasury transactions. Eliminates mismatches & facilitates automatic reporting. Real time reconciliation system for invoice matching, negotiation and dispute handling. Always available, specifically designed system with API technology.

Vendor Payments

Payment On Behalf Of; with all the benefits of netting plus the liquidity and control of payment centralisation. Mix and match payment factory features for vendor & intercompany payments.

Delivering Benefits - Our clients save money and improve their efficiency every day using our automated intercompany netting system for total visibility and control over their settlements.