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Coprocess is a unique niche player in the corporate treasury and accounting sector. With over 25 years experience in this area we have constantly been adapting and improving our offering based on feedback from our customers. Newer development such as Month End Reconciliation and Centralized Vendor payments are driven by customers wanting to use our base system to expand the range both within treasury and more recently within corporate accounting.

"PROVEN NOT PROMISED" Coprocess has a proven and unequalled record in terms of delivering year in year out on what our customers expect and demand, namely simplicity, flexibility, performance and all this reliably and securely.

It is not just about putting it on the website…

One of the key differentiator’s of Coprocess is our commitment and dedication to supporting the customer base. One result of this is the length of time that our clients stay using our solution. This we believe proves more than anything our commitment, continuity and competence to our customers and our solution.

Key fact: Today more than 50% of our clients have been with us for over 10 years.

In addition it is also aided greatly by the continuity of the Coprocess team many of whom have been with Coprocess for more than 10 years. For example, the 5 members of the support team have a total of 35 years with Coprocess.

For Coprocess it is not important just to win the clients, it is important to keep them and we do our very best in terms of support to make this happen.

Key fact: Your provider cannot provide continuity of support and maintenance if their staff change all the time. With Coprocess you have the highest level of assurance that you will be dealing with the same people and that those people are dedicated to netting.

Coprocess has a support team of 5 people who are dedicated to the support of the application and the users. They cover a 20h time window during the business week. This is a multilingual support team fluent in English, French, German, Japanese and Swedish.

US Support Number

For both Sales and Support Coprocess is available 20 hours a day covering Asia, Europe and North America.

Now, in the US, you can speak to one of the team by calling +1 888 279 2466. Hours of business are 9am - 5pm Eastern.

The Coprocess system is available and monitored 24x7 and has a guaranteed and delivered uptime of 99.9% so technical problems are unlikely, but it is good to know there is a support person available.


With over 150 corporate clients using the Coprocess solution we have unrivalled experience in implementing the right solution to fit into your corporate environment. For us Implementation covers:

  • Discussion / Analysis of the current issues at the customer
  • Proposal and confirmation of best / most appropriate configuration / setup for customer
  • Building of interfaces if required
  • Implementation and configuration by Coprocess
  • Training for key resources including webinar training to subsidiaries if needed
  • Assignment of dedicated resource and hand-holding over go-live period

This ensures a smooth transition from the old way of working to the new. The system can be implemented very quickly (days), but in order to go step by step it would normally be done over 3 months:

Month 1 Discuss, install, configure, first test.

Month 2 User testing, parallel run, testing of any interfaces.

Month 3 Go live.


Coprocess dedicates considerable resources to increasing the awareness both in Corporate Treasury and Corporate Accounting to the simple and effective benefits we can bring. This takes the form of:

Workshops road show

Coprocess runs a series of roadshow workshops. These are 2 hours educational workshop including cases studies from clients who talk openly on a variety of issues including how they implemented the system, how they use the system, support, future project etc. To date we have done workshops in London, Brussels, Paris, Zurich, Stockholm, Oslo and Frankfurt. The time and place of the upcoming workshops are announced via our News & Events section.

User Group Meeting

Every 2 years Coprocess hosts a User Group Meeting for all our clients. The event is held over 2 days including a dinner hosted by Coprocess. It is an ideal opportunity for all our customers to get together, meet and network with each other and for us and them to learn from each other. The UGM includes case studies from clients, guest speakers as well as presentation of the latest development in the system and a FAQ session.

9th Coprocess UGM full

User Group Meeting, Nyon Switzerland, May 2018

The next UGM will be in 2020.


Coprocess attends, sponsors and presents at many industry events throughout the world including but not limited to:

  • The AFP in the US
  • Eurofinance ICTM conference in Europe
  • The ACT in the UK
  • The Cash Management University in France


We are also regular speakers and presenters on educational webinars on netting and reconciliation.

Announcement of where we are next appearing / presenting is communicated through our blog and on the Latest News and Events on our website.

We asked clients at our User Group Meeting how they rated Coprocess:

QuestionThose rating ExcellentThose rating Good% rating Good or Excellent
Implementation process 53 47 100
Customer service 77 23 100
System Functionality 44 56 100
Quality of product update process 56 39 95
Friendliness of interface 17 79 96
.... and why they had chosen Coprocess over alternative providers.
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