• Daniel Cugni

    Daniel Cugni, Geneva, Switzerland - Managing Director

    Daniel worked for over 25 years for international companies in various industry types such as oil, chemicals, computing systems, luxury and fashion. Before he joined Coprocess he was the Vice President Treasury, Credit and Finance Operations of Ralph Lauren Europe. Daniel has built Corporate Treasury Departments from scratch to best in class structures. He has a deep experience in the establishment of newly created companies, take-overs, restructuring and mergers as well as Credit Management. Daniel speaks French, English, German and Italian.

  • Robert Anderson, Coprocess

    Robert Anderson, London, UK

    Robert is an expert software developer and architect of business applications, specialised in multilateral netting and reconciliation systems. He has over 18 years' experience in planning and leading software projects. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Imperial College London. He is the lead developer at Coprocess which he joined in 1995. Robert grew up in Geneva and speaks French and English.

  • Marcela Bonkova, Coprocess

    Marcela Bonkova, Geneva, Switzerland

    Marcela joined Coprocess in 2008 and is part of the support team. She is also responsible for the testing, QA and Change Control on the application. Marcela speaks Slovakian, Czech, English, German and French.

  • Sebastien Ducroz, Coprocess

    Sebastien Ducroz, Geneva, Switzerland

    Having graduated in Accountancy and IT Engineering in 2000, Sebastien built up experience in an eCommerce and Web development company before joining Coprocess in 2007 as a C# programmer. He is now part of the development team at Coprocess responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the .Netting solution. Sebastien speaks French and English.

  • Clare Goldie, Director, Coprocess

    Clare Goldie, Geneva, Switzerland - Retired

    Clare was the CIO of a large UN organisation before joining Coprocess in 2012. Clare has a wealth of experience, amassed over 30 years in the IT business. Clare is a Director of Coprocess and speaks English, French and Spanish.

  • Keith Harris, Coprocess

    Keith Harris, London, UK

    With an Honours degree in Computer Science and Economics, Keith worked for JPMorgan for 20 years where he gained expertise in Cash Management, Global Custody and Trust before becoming a business manager and multilateral netting product manager (5 years). After leaving JPM he worked as European agent for Euronetting and FXpress before joining Coprocess in 2010. Keith has over 20 years experience in multilateral netting system development, quality assurance, sales, support and consulting. He is responsible for sales, support and consultancy in the English speaking world.

  • Robert Jonsson, Coprocess

    Robert Jonsson, Geneva, Switzerland

    Before joining Coprocess in 2006 Robert worked at DHL for over 13 years in the IT department where he was involved in operating and administering UNIX systems, and IT project management. At Coprocess he handles day-to-day support, project planning and new netting implementation, as well as customer training on the Coprocess.Netting system. Robert wins the Coprocess linguistic award speaking French, Swedish and English, all fluently with good German and Spanish.

  • Stefan Larson, Coprocess

    Stefan Larson, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Stefan has been with Coprocess since 2007, prior to that he was the netting product manager at SEB. With 20 years in the Swedish Banking sector with focus on International Trade, Stefan has an in depth understanding of what is needed for implementation and support of a global set up. He is responsible for sales, support and consultancy in the Nordic Region. Stefan speaks English and Swedish.

  • Sacha Monachon, Coprocess

    Sacha Monachon, Tokyo, Japan

    Sacha graduated from the University of Geneva with a BA in Japanese Language and Folk Religions. He then worked for 2 years in Japan as a Coordinator for International Relations. He joined Coprocess in 2001 and is now responsible for the hosted environment, technical support and IT and security related consultancy. Sacha is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer: Security (MCSE) and Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). He comes a close second in the Coprocess linguistic award speaking French, German, English and Japanese all fluently.

  • Colin Randall

    Colin Randall, Henderson, NV, USA

    Before joining Coprocess Colin worked for nearly 20 years at SunGard AvantGard in a variety of Treasury related roles including implementing their global solutions, sales and product management. Prior to that Colin was a Treasury Practitioner within several major European Corporations including the BBC and Lucas Varity running their Multilateral Netting solutions and associated Foreign Exchange. Colin is a Fellowship member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers.

  • Taco van Uchelen

    Taco van Uchelen, Geneva, Switzerland

    Taco has 20 years' experience in banking/finance. He has most recently been working for Thomson Reuters but prior to that worked with National Bank of Canada and Lloyds TSB, both based in Geneva. Amongst his experience is development support for Forex Dealing and Matching, development and implementation of various trading platforms and trading/transaction settlement via SWIFT, business analyst with Du Pont and development specialist with Digital Equipment Corp. Taco is multi-lingual, being fluent in English and French with a working knowledge of Dutch and German.

  • Andrew Goldie, Director, Coprocess

    Andrew Goldie, Geneva, Switzerland - Retired

    With Masters Degree in IT, Andrew worked for a UK software company and then Dupont in Switzerland. In 1988 he pioneered and launched the world's first PC based multilateral netting system. After successfully licensing the solution to two Scandinavian Banks he set up Coprocess in 1990 as a specialist netting provider. Today with over 25 years' experience at the helm of Coprocess, Andrew has unrivalled experience in intercompany netting. His knowledge covers all areas of the business from development through deployment to sales and support. Andrew is the Founder of Coprocess. Andrew speaks English and French.

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