Coprocess today launched a new service. We are making available information about multilateral netting regulations. We believe we are the first company to make this information freely available.

Intercompany or multilateral netting is a very powerful tool allowing multinational companies to offset intercompany settlements. In an ideal world payment amounts would be offset against receipts and settled in the business unit’s local currency. For many countries this is allowed, is common practice and is the optimal way to run netting. See our new Netting Regulations document under the column Full Netting Allowed.

Coprocess bietet eine vielseitige Netting Software an. Wir spezialisieren uns einzig und alleine auf Netting und haben uns in den letzten 20 Jahren in Zusammenarbeit mit unseren internationalen Kunden immer weiter nach deren Bedürfnissen weiterentwickelt.

Falls Sie sich für eine alternative Lösung zu DB Direct der Deutschen Bank entscheiden sollten, offerieren wir eine moderne, den höchsten Ansprüchen entsprechende Netting Lösung mit bestehender Schnittstelle in DB Direct, um eine nahtlose Umstellung zu garantieren.

For over 20 years Coprocess has offered bank independent netting solutions. Today we are the world’s largest provider of netting system with over 100 corporate clients. This is what we do, this is all we do and we have no intention of stopping or changing direction.

Our understanding is that in 2015 Deutsche bank will stop offering and supporting its current netting offering, DB Direct Netting.

Coprocess held our 7th User Group Meeting for all our netting clients at the Hotel Barcarolle, Nyon, Switzerland. As with previous years the event was held over 2 days. There was a dinner hosted by Coprocess on the evening of Thursday.

Coprocess is pleased to offer these opportunities. They give our users a chance to meet others in similar roles where they discuss matters concerning netting or other topics. Coprocess provides demonstrations of the latest features, many of which are developed in response to client requests.

Under andra hälften av förra året såg vi på Coprocess en ökning i intresset för netting och de andra möjligheter vi har för att kunna effektivisera många bolags intern fakturering och avstämmning.

Atlas Copco t.ex, som varit med Coprocess sen starten 1992, började använda vår Reconcilierings Modul tillsammans med netting systemet.

Sandvik bytte från ett bank levererat netting system till Coprocess.Netting för att kunna processa betalningar i olika banker baserat på valuta.

The Coprocess User Group Meeting is run every 2 years for the benefit of Coprocess users. This year we have a wonderful hotel on the lakeshore in Nyon, near Geneva. In the past we have also invited prospective clients and those with an interest in netting such as consultants and partners. Do This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and secure your place for the 6th Coprocess User Group Meeting on Thursday 15 and Friday 16 May 2014 which will be held this year at the Hotel Barcarolle, Nyon, Switzerland.

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