Welcome to our first blog post! Actually, not just our first blog post but a blog post on a totally redesigned website. We’ve added lots of new material, there’s comments and testimonials from our clients, presentations and some white papers (we intend to add more over time), we also intend to publish a quarterly newsletter and now… a blog. We hope this will build into a library of helpful information and lively comment. We also hope it will help push the boundaries and provide topical help for our readers.

What we’re about

Coprocess has been developing multilater netting software for years, we eat, sleep and drink netting from morning to night. We have over 100 clients using our software, we believe that’s more than any other software company and you know what? Every company runs netting in a different way!

One netting system

Sure there are core functions that any system must have, import or input of invoice level information, online discussion and dialogue at invoice level, payable or receivable driven, internet based for easy access, strong security for peace of mind, segregated duties for SOX compliance, flexibility and interfacing (ERP, Banks, SWIFT, TMS (and on))

Core functionality modifiable without coding

The way offer the flexibility is to have a configuration section that modifies the core functionality. Once set doesn’t need to be changed again (unless of course you wish to switch from payable to receivable driven, change the format of the invoice files, modify the layout of the netting statements, etc etc) And maybe having said all this is clear why we continue to gain clients when there are so many alternatives out there. All this stuff takes a lot of thinking about and we’re not distracted by unrelated features or products. We focus on one system and all we do is related to netting (sorry that sounds like a sales pitch but we are passionate about what we do so sometimes it sneaks out…)

Back to the blog

Over the coming months we want to use the blog to tell you some of the hints and tips our clients have shared with us, share some of our thinking about how netting should work and try new things. Our aim is to continually improve the system. Good ideas come to us from lots of different sources, clients being one of the most important, when we improve the system the feature/function is generally available to all our clients.

Starting out

We’re thinking of 2 blog posts a month at the moment. If you’d like to receive the next posts please sign up below. Pleased with what you see? please share with your team, colleagues, LinkedIn groups etc. As a specialist company general advertising doesn’t make sense so to grow we rely on word of mouth. So, thanks for sharing!

by Keith Harris, Sales & Consulting, Coprocess

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