Improved communication

Coprocess Intercompany Netting software contains several features to improve the ease of, and accurancy surrounding, communication across the various business units taking part in Netting. Discussion & Disputes with auto notification by email is one, standard naming conventions another.  

The latest version of the software allows the inclusion of a link to an image of an invoice, accomplished in at least 2 ways below. It also allows the attachment of a document to an invoice in the system. The document is virus scanned, uploaded and stored on a Coprocess server, with a reference to this held in a field in the invoice in the Coprocess system.

The latest changes save a considerable amount of data transfer, whilst offering a great improvement on the physical transfer of documents to Coprocess. Let's look at the alternatives.

The latest version of Coprocess Netting provides a system to seamlessly attach cloud based images (or documents) to invoices. The following cloud environments can be used;

  • Amazon
  • Azure (Blobs)
  • Dropbox
  • GoogleDrive
  • OneDrive

The cloud environment is created by the client. The client will also have to maintain the files on it.

Two methods can be configured to obtain the name of the file to get from the cloud environment;

Mask based

The image file name can be produced using a mask and information from the invoice. This is configured at the system level. For example [Payee]\[InvoiceNumber].

Image Name

The client enters the image file name directly in the transaction. This can be done manually or through an import file.

The netting system will use a shared API key to access the cloud environment. When displaying an invoice, the system will check if the image file exists. If the file exists an icon is displayed next to the invoice. Clicking this icon will get the file from the cloud environment and either download it or display it in the browser.

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