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Cash Concentration

The transfer of funds from diverse accounts into a central account to improve the efficiency.

Cash Management

The art and science of making sure a company maximises the control over cash within a company whilst also coping with the often competing goals of ensuring the company has enough long and short term liquidity to meet any obligations, maximising return on cash whilst striking the right balance between debt and equity.


The process of and provision of a snap shot of a company's value. The process is: (1) transaction processing and sub-ledger close (2) corporate close and consolidation (3) analysis and reporting. There is pressure to achieve reporting of financial results quickly both to internal and external stakeholders. see how Coprocess Multilateral Netting and Intercompany Reconciliation systems can help speed the close.

Country Regulations

Some countries have rules about what type of transactions can be netted and which need to settled outside the netting. For more detail please see our Netting Regulations table

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