Hosted or In-house Install

We give clients the choice of using our hosting environment or hosting themselves in-house. The choice may be determined by IT policy or concerns about the privacy of the data. In either case, the Coprocess netting system is pure browser based system. There is no hardware or software required to be installed for access by users.

Hosting at the client’s premises or outsourced datacentre

Some of our clients choose to run the Coprocess software in-house. We help the client select the appropriate hardware and software. The client provides all hardware and licences for required software. Coprocess installs and configures the system on this hardware. The client’s IT group provides first or second level support depending on whether the datacentre is itself in-house or outsourced. This option is probably more expensive than the Coprocess hosting solution, particularly if provided to the same specification as that provided by Coprocess.

During the implementation phase we will work with the client to select hardware and help with the installation, either remotely or onsite for the production and test environments needed. Subsequent upgrades are installed by the client and the client is responsible for testing the software in their hosted environment, data centre security, system monitoring, hardware performance, backup and contingency. Coprocess Support is available to help this effort.


Hosted by Coprocess

Coprocess provides a SaaS hosted environment for the Coprocess netting software. This is a purpose designed and shared application environment and the following are included in the service.


Upgrades are handled by Coprocess. All clients receive notice of an upgrade and the changes made in advance of the upgrade. The process is scheduled for a weekend to avoid any impact on the business day. Upgrades are tested by Coprocess.


Coprocess has controls and procedures in place and these are tested and audited for both the application and the physical hosting environment by Deloitte SA. Deloitte also conducts penetration testing of the environment and reports findings which we act upon.


The Coprocess hosting environment is monitored 24x7 and has 9 years of continous operation for its 125 clients. It has a guaranteed uptime of more than 99%. Reports of uptime and system response are available by request.


The Coprocess hosting environment is provided on hardware and software specifically designed to run netting in a shared user environment with multiple simultaneous users. It is designed to handle the peak activity at certain times during the month and to be available 24x7 except for scheduled maintenance. The hardware and software are configured using the so called n-tier approach. Please see the architecture schematic. In the case of Coprocess hosting we provide three tiers to the hardware. The first faces the user and the web, the second tier provides the application and the third provides the database.


All licences are bought and provided by Coprocess as part of the hosting package.

Load Balanced Fail-over

Should a component fail a back-up or redundant server or machine automatically takes over processing.


In the hosting diagram one can see a number of techniques used to ensure the service keeps running should a component fail. This includes RAID technology, where data is written to two or more disks in the same machine and redundancy, where there is another machine to take over should one fail.


The system is backed up every two hours and at the end of the day.


Should the datacentre by compromised then the backups are available off-site and can be restored to hardware in another location. The Coprocess hosting environment is purpose designed to offer the netting service and is exceptional value when compared to the in-house option.

Test environment

In order for the client to test large scale upgrades or where this is an upgrade for a particular client. Coprocess makes a testing environment available. This allows the client to run tests, bring new participants into the netting or practice changes to procedures without any impact on the production system. This is also provided free of charge in the hosting package.

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