For Large Corporations

Many of the world’s largest corporates use the Coprocess netting solution and have been for many years. Not only do they choose Coprocess, but they stay with Coprocess (click here to view some of our clients).

The system is able to interface with all the major ERP systems commonly found, including but not limited to SAP, Oracle, Dynamics etc.

Coprocess is a multilateral netting system. Do not confuse MLN with the single currency bilateral offset found in your ERP. MLN offers considerable FX exposure management benefits over what an ERP vendor calls 'netting'. Most Coprocess clients have an ERP! 

The system can handle volume be that number of users, number of invoices or number of entities. Our largest customer settles over 100,000 invoice per month and has more than 1000 user logins per day.

Our scalable infrastructure allows the system to be scaled up to fit any increasing load.

Our global support team offers a multilingual support service covering a 20 hour window.

For Small / Mid Cap

Increasingly we see smaller companies running our solution, both for multilateral netting and for intercompany reconciliation. If you have 10-12 subsidiary companies today and not running netting or running on a spreadsheet, you are missing out on one of the biggest benefits of netting; improving communication across the firm, to say nothing of the benefits of using a system; global support, automation, product functionality and innovation, audit logs, training and version control. The benefits grow as your company grows.

Cost savings from a multilateral netting system can start from as little as $5 million of Intercompany per month and there are a huge number of companies in this category.

The Coprocess hosted platform makes implementation of the system straightforward. There is no involvement of IT on the client side. No installation of hardware or software either at client or at Coprocess. The system is Ready-To-Go. We can have a new client up and running in weeks.

The modern intuitive User Interface enables Subsidiary users to run and use the system without the need for personalized training although we do offer webinar training for both multilateral netting center and subsidiaries if required.

For Corporate Accounting

The Coprocess solution allows for the upload for both Accounts Payable (AP) AND Accounts Receivable (AR) items and the automatic intercompany matching according to rules set in the configuration of the system by the administrator, this combined with the ability to dialogue and dispute individual invoices (with an automatic email notification being sent to the counterparty) enables the system to really start to clean up the intercompany. Clearly if the system is Receivable Driven then payment discipline is enforced. In addition the new Intercompany Reconciliation module allows the corporate to perform a true month end reconciliation of ALL AR and AP items separated from the normal netting process.

All these are of tremendous benefit to Corporate Accounting.

For Treasury

The benefits for treasury of a netting system are clear and well documented: Savings, Structure and Discipline. Yet many treasurers overlook these fundamental benefits.

The level of functionality most treasurers expect from their netting system

They fall into 2 fundamental categories:

I run netting. It works and I don’t see the need for change.

In this case the question to ask is:

Does your mobile phone look like this?

I don’t run netting and I don’t see the need to start.

Do you indeed have a mobile phone?

Change is a process we must go through to improve.

For Consultants

Coprocess has been recommended very successfully by many consultants who can see the obvious benefit of a system that is simple to implement and whose ROI is a matter of months.

The ability to plug and play into any corporate environment and the speed with which the system can be implemented make it an attractive solution for corporate and consultant alike.

For Private Equity

Coprocess netting allows corporate clients to tighten cash and foreign exchange management. This is good for the financial management of the companies you own!

For Auditors

Coprocess provides reconciliation tools to your clients that can greatly improve communication across the company and remove the problem of mismatches.

For Outsourcers

Coprocess can make available our software to outsourcers to allow them to run AND administer the multilateral netting on behalf of their corporate customers. If this is of interest please contact us.

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