Is a payment factory right for your company?

  • Do you have a large number of payments in different currencies?
  • Are long in some and short in others?
  • Do you have restricted, volatile or infrequently traded currencies?

If so then you will benefit from the aggregation and control features of the payment factory and its impact, maximising liquidity, reducing costs and reducing risk.


  • Do you have excess cash in one region but deficits in others?

The payment factory will allow the offsetting of these balances to minimise borrowing, increase return on investments or decrease the cost of funding.

Building a business case

When you are building a business case clearly the current structure and infrastructure of the group is key. What do you have in place today in terms of central reporting of currencies, funding, etc. and what technology is employed, is it different everywhere so the group will see significant benefits to a harmonised approach or is too much being broken and recreated in order to realise the benefits?

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